About us

Clean Bhutan is a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (CSOA/PBO-033)

Zero Waste for Bhutan will be to change the citizens’ opinion and act to minimize waste by practicing the 3R and most importantly being Responsible.

Vision :

Zero Waste Bhutan by 2030

Mission :

To achieve zero waste Bhutan, where we will have the most efficient use of resources by minimizing the demand on resources and maximizing the reuse, recycling and recovery of resources instead of treating it as waste and changing the mindset of the Bhutanese citizens.

To work with local government authority on managing the waste to achieve zero waste Bhutan.

Objective :

The long-term objective is to tackle the waste at its source by Advocating Behavioural Change – avoid being a consumerist society.
The medium-term objectives is changing the mindset of all citizens by practicing the 3R and being Responsible to achieve Zero Waste by 2030.

Strategy :

  1. Work in close colaborationwith local governments, communities and individuals
  2. Educate students – that managing waste is not the best solution instead avoid being a consumerist society
  3. Innovative business models to reduce, recycle and reuse in small communities as part of poverty alleviation.
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