Areas of Action

The Zero Waste Plan will be an ambitious one with realistic sustainable objectives by promoting membership drive to sustain the office and also change the mindset of every individual by encouraging them to be a member of Clean Bhutan.

Clean Bhutan focus areas:

 Clean Rivers & Tributaries

clean bhutan thimphu riverRiverine ecosystem near the towns and villages are choked with solid waste.

 Clean trek routes and highway

clean bhutan trek routeLittering along trails and trek routes. National highways more than 1,000 kilometres across the country.


 Zero waste communities, villages and towns

clean bhutan thimphu city wasteLitterbugs and improper management of waste in
villages and towns.



If you are a member/volunteer of Clean Bhutan and your roles and responsibilities are the following 8 (eight) noble deeds to Advocate behavioral changes to achieve Zero Waste Bhutan 2030:

1. If members see anyone litter: please educate the litterbugs
2. Do not throw waste out of a moving vehicle
3. Take your own waste collection bags when travelling
4. Do not leave an area with your litter after using it
5. Carry you own shopping bags when you go out shopping
6. Segregate your waste and manage it properly at home and anywhere
7. Educate your children/parents to be litter free person.
8. Practice the 3R and most importantly be Responsible :

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